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EarnWise is changing the way people invest money.

Portfolio Service

A new approach to investing - An Automated Approach

EverGreen EarnWise Portfolio Service

EverGreen builds and monitors a dynamically managed portfolio of low-cost investments, empowered by your unique risk score. 

A Portfolio Plan with an Advisor Assist

Advisor Assisted Portfolio Services

For no additional cost, a licensed advisor will offer personal advice in addition to our account aggregation tools to monitor your banking, investment, and financial products all in one place. Giving you the tools needed to manage your financial objectives.

Advisor Services

Dedicated Wealth Management Planning

Wealth Management Services

We offer the option of a dedicated advisor relationship to assist you in meeting your goals. Your advisor team will work with you to create a comprehensive strategy tailored to your goals. 

Wealth Management

Track and manage your financial life using innovative financial tools and

personal planning advice from registered financial advisors

The EverGreen Difference


Advice on your complete financial picture

Personalized Investment Strategy

Fully Customizable Portfolios

Dedicated Licensed Financial Advisors

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Advice on 401k and company plan investments

Account access available online across your devices

All accounts available in one place

Fiduciary, No commission, No Conflicts of Interest

Portfolio's utilizing low cost ETF's and Securities

Experienced Expert Portfolio Management & Advice

Easy to Use, Hassle Free Investing

At application, we assess your suitability and tolerance for risk with our unique suitability scoring profile.  Our investment management program takes action automatically to optimize your investments saving you time, money and the frustration of being sold on investment products.



Automated Easy to Use Portfolio Management Service 


By automating our portfolio management capabilities, we utilize technology and proven investment strategies to be more efficient at achieving long-term returns for our clients. 

Access long-term, time tested investment strategies

typically reserved for the high net worth client 


We believe all of our clients deserve access to best in class investment management strategies. We make this possible by deploying technology that can make your portfolio more tax efficient, better diversified, and lower in cost.

Comprehensive Client Portal


Clients have the ability to sync external accounts to the EarnWise Client Portal. In addition to the ability to view, manage, and fund their accounts, clients will have the ability to aggregate bank accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, annuities, and more.  Clients will also have a built-in messaging system to request help or information.

Personalized Planning Advice


Our licensed professional advisors are available to assist you in designing a plan for your short term goals like buying a house or long term goals like retirement. 

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