Charles Clemons, Vice President

Sr. Wealth Manager

Insight Wealth Planning

Chicago, Illinois

Office: 402.392.1220 Direct: 773.677.6025


Helping you to create a manageable plan of accountability to accomplish your goals is Charles’s priority.  Many of his clients have purchased various financial products along the way – an IRA, a mutual fund, an insurance policy, or even participate in their employer’s retirement savings plan.  The problem is that they aren’t always sure if those things will ultimately connect in a meaningful way and help them accomplish their goals.  That’s where Charles comes in.  He helps his clients to gather the financial puzzle pieces and helps them to assemble a clear financial picture that truly represents their vision of financial success.


With over sixteen years of experience in the financial services industry, Charles engages his clients with a strong focus on comprehensive planning.  He helps successful business owners, savvy individual investors, and upwardly mobile families to envision financial success and coaches them in articulating their current financial situation as well as their long-term and short-term objectives. He then analyzes the information, determines which strategies will work best for their individual situation and tailors a plan specifically to help meet those stated goals and objectives. Finally, after the plan is implemented, Charles meets with clients on a regular basis to uncover any changing needs that may require adjustments while measuring progress along the way.


Charles helps his clients to find intelligent solutions in areas such as retirement planning, estate planning, college funding, risk management, investment planning, professional money management, asset allocation, and executive planning.


A graduate of Holy Angels School and Brother Rice High School, Charles then went on to receive his BA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. An avid motorcyclist and occasional golfer, he currently resides in the southwestern suburb of Matteson, IL with his wife and two daughters.




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Suite 101

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