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Michael L. Green, President evergreen, investment advisor, porfolio manager


President / Founder / CIO


​Michael founded EverGreen Capital Management in Omaha in 1989.  The firm is the result of his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and his fondness for helping people and building life long relationships.  He knows that relationships are built on a foundation of service and trust.

Experienced Professional Money Management

            Why Choose EverGreen...

More than 30 years of professional money management, our clients have come to expect and appreciate unbiased financial advice that is centered around attaining their unique financial goals.

​​With every new client referral, it is apparent that EverGreen's client centered approach is the preferred method of assisting them in developing a blueprint for wealth planning success.

If you have or are currently working with a financial professional, I invite you to take advantage of our complimentary consultation.

​We truly believe that with our second opinion, you will experience the "EverGreen Difference"

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